A Fresh Take on Book Club

by | May 12, 2018 | What We're Reading | 0 comments

I LOVE books!!  It has been a dream of mine to own a bookstore.  I would rather read than almost anything else.  But, I have never joined a book club.  That might sound odd… but let me explain:

  1. Introverts Beware:  Book Clubs, by virtue of being “clubs” are VERY peopley.  Me and the peopling, not so much.
  2. Stranger Danger:  How does one even find a book club?  Agree to visit a strangers house to discuss books with other strangers?  Yes, I’m sure these people would seem less like strangers in the long run, but that seems like a rocky start.
  3. My Overgrown To Be Read Stash:  I have an insane amount of “to be read” items.  Whether they are on the to be read shelf, or in the pile that has exploded from said shelf, stacked on my nightstand, or virtually existing in my amazon cart and wish list – I have an excess amount of books I want to read already.  Adding a designated book to that list seems unmanageable.
  4. I Read What I Want:  I have had a decade worth of teachers try to ruin reading for me already!  Since I already don’t have the time required to read everything I WANT to read (refer back to #3) life is way to short to read books I don’t want to read.

So, maybe book clubs just aren’t for me?  But I love swapping books with friends. Reading something they’ve passed on to me so we can talk about it together is fun. Then I had an idea that might change the way you think of book clubs.

Dog Eared Books does book club a little differently.

  1. Ok, it’s still peopley.  But spending time with people that are very similar to you is less stressful than trying to adapt in less like-minded situations.  That’s all the assurance I have fellow introverts.  Sometimes you have to come out and sit quietly with other introverts.
  2. There will be friends you have not yet met here. But hopefully the same ones will be here every month, and they will turn into friends you know.  And in a book store. And with snacks!
  3. This book club set up will actually benefit your to be read stash!
  4. Read anything you want!

Here’s how it works:  Once a month come out to cozy and friendly Dog Eared Books in beautiful downtown Hampton.  Bring a book you read that month that you loved and can’t wait to share with the group.  Enjoy snacks and beverages with new friends while you tell them all about your latest read.  They might be so excited about the book you read that they may want to borrow or swap for it.  That will actually be great, because then you can both talk about the book another time.  You will also get to hear about the books everyone else enjoyed! (This could potentially add to your reading wish list but I can’t take responsibility for that.)

Book clubs are currently forming on the 1st Thursday’s and 3rd Monday’s of the month.  Our Thursday night in May was a fun evening of introductions and discussions of our favorite genres. Why not come out and try it for yourself?